Don't Send Old Trophies to the Landfill: Instead Check Out These Ideas


If you have old trophies you no longer want, you may be wondering what to do with them. Don't just send them to the landfill. Instead, reuse or recycle them. Wondering how? Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

1. Donate old trophies to charity.

Share some of your success by donating your old trophies to charity. Non-profits that hold competitive events may be interested in repurposing your old trophies. For example, a rec centre for underprivileged kids may hold a field day once a year, and if they simply pop new plaques onto your old trophies, they can give awards to the kids without spending a lot of money.

To find charities that may accept old trophies, look for organisations that work with children, and call and ask if they are interested. For example, some charities give ill children medals to celebrate how brave they are for fighting their disease.

2. Contact a trophy shop.

Some trophy shops are willing to accept old trophies, and in some cases, they even buy old trophies. Then, they recycle them and resell them. Call the trophy shops in your area to see if they offer this type of service.

3. Organise a trophy drive at your school.

Your child's school likely has special events such a sport tournaments, reading challenges and other competitions. Giving trophies and awards to the winners can be fun, but it can also get expensive for the school. To help, consider organising a trophy drive at your school.

Parents bring in old trophies that they no longer want. Then, you repurpose them by adding new plaques or making other changes. Finally, you can use them as prizes for school competitions.

4. Get crafty.

Old trophies can be made into a range of fun items. For example, you can take the athletes off old sporting trophies, attach them to rubber corks and make wine stoppers. Alternatively, hook the figures from your old trophies to a painted plank, and then mount that plank to the wall. Finally, use the figures as coat and accessory hooks. For a simple project, spray paint old trophies fun colours and use them as decoration in a kids' playroom or bedroom. They also work as great decorations in a guest room or lounge with a sports theme.

For more ideas on what to do with old trophies, contact a trophy shop. They will have the tips you need.



31 March 2016

Modern art before it hits the big time

I love the colours and vibrancy of modern art. A lot of people don't appreciate that the work can be quite funny as well as being provocative. That's why I love to explain the story behind each piece of artwork and show how each artist has been developing their skills over their career. That's why it's so good to try and find modern artists before they become famous and buy up their best works. This blog is about recognising which modern art pieces are likely to be valuable longer term, finding artists' best works and making investments early to get maximum returns.