Why Adding a Mat to Your Artwork Could Make a Huge Difference


If you have a particularly nice painting that may have been handed down to you through the generations, it's probably time to spruce it up a bit before you give it pride of place in your home. The original frame may be in poor condition or may simply not complement the artwork as it should. To achieve the best result, you may have to get a custom-made frame, but there are other ways to improve the appeal of the piece, as well.

28 June 2018

Don't Send Old Trophies to the Landfill: Instead Check Out These Ideas


If you have old trophies you no longer want, you may be wondering what to do with them. Don't just send them to the landfill. Instead, reuse or recycle them. Wondering how? Here are a few ideas to inspire you: 1. Donate old trophies to charity. Share some of your success by donating your old trophies to charity. Non-profits that hold competitive events may be interested in repurposing your old trophies.

31 March 2016